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Funny Happy Chinese New Year 2018 Jokes SMS in English

Funny Happy New Year 2018 Jokes SMS in English
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Funny Happy New Year 2018 Jokes SMS in English: Holiday week is very special for the people living in the world. New Year 2018 is getting celebrated in a very prosperous way. Now this is a time to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the new set of 365 days. New 365 days means new 365 opportunities in our life. So let’s warm welcome for upcoming happiest days. Beside that we need to wish our best hubbies. Some people do like to wish in their own manner on this special week. As of this day we are coming with Funny Happy New Year 2018 Jokes SMS in English. Make your friends, Family and loved one happy on this New Year Season by sending them these Funny Jokes SMS. You don’t need to be a good writer in this case to prove your best humor.

At that movement, everyone is planning for the parties and celebration on special destination. Start New Year with positive thoughts and wishes before Year 2018 is come. Forget all bad memories of Year 2017 in this year and make yourself happy to celebrate this occasion. So send these Funny Happy New Year 2018 Jokes SMS in English to entertain others in the Season of New Year 2018.

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My best wishes for you from the starting of Jan,
Sweet Love for Feb,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June,
Romance for july & august,
silly fightings for september & octber,
Happiness for Nov and Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2018

Dear “Boyfriend”
We are coming from long year.
I wish our relationship be long,
I don’t know how many time we fight,
At the end I come to you to be with you,
New year is coming so i wish you very happy new year 2018.

I wish you a very Sweet Morning,
Great day,
Wonderful week,
Enthusiastic month
and Very happy new year 2018,
I love you so Much.

Funny New Year Wishes 2018 for Best Friend

Funny New Year Wishes 2018 for Best Friend

New Day
New Month
New Hopes
New Resolutions
New Aspirations
And New Year
But there is only one thing old – that’s you.
Happy New Year!

Thanks to those:
Who hated me, they made me a stronger person;
Who loved me, they made my heart bigger;
Who were worried about me, they let me know that they actually cared.
Who left me, they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.
Wish you a fabulous New Year

May the dawn of this New Year:
Fill your heart with new hopes;
Opens up new horizons;
And bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows.
Have a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year!

Funny Happy New Year SMS

Funny Happy New Year SMS
  • Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle. – Eric Zorn
  • New Year’s is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions. -Mark Twain
  • Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to. -Bill Vaughan

Happy New Year Jokes SMS 2018

Happy New Year Jokes SMS 2018​

There is everything advance,
And In this advance world
Don’t compromise with old and normal.
That’s why from this advance person
There is a Advance happy new year 2018 is waiting for you.
Happy new year 2018 in advance Dear.

Before my moblie network get jammed,
my mobile phone battery get low,
my balance date pack get expire,
my phone balance finish.
I wish you a very happy new year 2018 in advance.

New year 2018 will start after 48 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes, and 39 seconds,
Put smile on your face and.. remember the worst moment of this year !
Lol. Forget everything and enjoy new year.
Wish you a very happy new year in Advance !

Happy New Year 2018 Jokes for WhatsApp

Happy New Year 2018 Jokes for WhatsApp
  • Have no worry,
    Lend an ear,
    Shed a tear,
    Have a lager,
    Oh, my pricey,
    Happy new yr 2018 My Best Dear
  • May the knowledge of your upper self-bless you in all walks of your lifestyles as from nowadays ahead. And might you might have the braveness of your convictions to stroll in the best way of the Wisdom inside you. Have a Blessing New Year 2018 To all of You.
  • Most of the time i Only have one dream in My lifestyles that i Do a Cocktail celebration with my Best brother. May the Night of 31 December vanish all Dark days out of your lifestyles.

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